Aster flower dome shrub

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Introducing our exquisite Harrington’s Aster Flower Shrubs 3D model, a perfect blend of artistry and realism to elevate your landscape designs. This masterpiece showcases three distinct, lush shrubs blooming with vibrant flowers in shades of soft lavender, rich purple, and deep red. Each shrub is meticulously crafted to represent the natural beauty and intricate details of the Harrington’s Aster flower.

The 3d collection contains:

Purple Dome Aster flower

Harrington's Pink Aster flower

September Ruby Aster flower

Key Features:

* Lifelike Realism:

* Colorful Blooms:

* Versatile Usage: Use these 3D models in your architectural renderings, landscape designs, or even as decorative elements in virtual reality experiences or game projects.

* High-Quality Textures:

Check out this animation I made using Unreal Engine:

*Statistics :

Single poly: 329823

Single Verts: 381802

Total poly: 1288264

Total Verts: 1506851

*Dimensions: real world scale can be scaled.

Height: 230 - 260 cm

*UV for easy texture application.

* Multiple formats Available in a variety of formats to suit your needs, including:

- Unreal Engine

- Blender

- 3ds max - Vray / Corona

- Cinema 4D Standard / Vray / Corona

- unity

- Speedtree

- fbx for Maya

- fbx for houdini

- obj

- fbx with wind

- stl


- GLB / glTF

- Collada

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3ds max - Vray / Corona - Cinema 4D - Standard / Vray / Corona - Unreal Engine 5.3 - Unity- Blender - Collada - Maya - Speedtree - USD - obj - fbx - stl - gLB

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Aster flower dome shrub

0 ratings
I want this!